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How and Nosm, or Raoul and Davide Perré, are identical twin brothers born in Spain who have become prevalent figures in today’s art world with their red, black and white based murals and paintings. Their large-scale murals are riddled with intricate detail while staying true to their graffiti roots. One glance at a How and Nosm creation commands your undivided attention due to it’s impressive size. However, look again and you’ll see another dimension to their art that goes unnoticed unless truly appreciated and studied.

How and Nosm’s very specific color choice has become their signature style, recognizable to anyone who has taken notice of their works in the past. Despite the fact that they work with one another, it is clear that both Raoul and Davide each enjoy making their own distinct contribution to the completion of an individual piece. In fact, it’s this individuality that allows them to complete large-scale works in an efficient manner while staying true to each other’s artistic style. The amount of detail that goes into each piece is inspiring, utilizing such techniques as intricate line work, complex patterns, and symbolism to bring their complex emotions and thoughts to life. There is beauty in the ability to successfully merge two clearly distinct mindsets simultaneously, and How & Nosm do that flawlessly.

Each How & Nosm piece is undeniably complicated in nature, resulting in a visually stunning masterpiece. It’s difficult not to note that their is a story behind each work as you sit back and visually peel back the layers of each creation. Nevertheless, it is essential to dedicate some time to the proper understanding of their work. Whether public or private, large-scale or small, How and Nosm take their use of symbolic imagery to a level of awareness that is refreshing in today’s art world.

They completed in 2015 their tallest mural to date in Detroit USA, located next a gigantic mural painted by world-famous artist Shepard Fairey.

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