Our favourite Street Art tributes to the NHS

COVID-19 has shed a light on who the real heroes are in our society; celebrities, influencers and the mega-rich haven’t been spared by the virus and their cultural import has been thrown into sharp relief as we’ve all been forced to recognise the true value of our key workers. Amidst our weekly ‘clap for NHS’ ritual, street artists have (unsurprisingly) taken to the street to show their admiration for our heroic health-workers. Artists up and down the country have used their talents to show their gratitude for the NHS, with some creations spanning across buildings.

Sculptor Jamie Wardley created a 100-metre long tribute in a Yorkshire field, whilst welder Pete Henson made a 1.8m (6ft) statue of a nurse in Exmoor.

Mural artist Rachel List has been prolific in Pontefract, speaking on the subject she said: “I think people just want to show their appreciation for the NHS and hopefully, I have, in some small way allowed that message to travel.”

Chris Shea, who also goes by ‘State of the Art,’ has been charging pubs, cafes and homeowners £50 to have his ‘Rainbow Boy’ as a permanent fixture on their properties. He has also created T-shirts featuring the emblem. The Banksy-like mural of a boy watering a rainbow has raised over £8,000 for the St Christopher’s Hospice in Croydon, Shea is also donating some of the cash to producers of PPE for medical staff as the fight against COVID-19 continues.

“During these unprecedented times I’m aiming to lift people’s spirits with my artwork. My work is my passion and a lot of my inspiration comes from watching my son grow, taking those moments and turning them into art that everyone can relate to.”

Here’s a look at some of the beautiful and moving tributes to our mighty NHS…


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