Giulio Vesprini’s newest wall “Cerchio G021” in Fermo, Italy

Giulio Vesprini’s newest wall “Cerchio G021” was painted in Fermo, Italy for
the “Prison Camp PG 70”, Oltre Conceria_Project.

PROJECT: What is going on around Sacomar’s ex tannery in Fermo, Italy, known as the Prison Camp PG 70, is a new project promoted by the association “ Casa Comune” aiming to re-qualify and recover the old abandoned industry site and make it become a multipurpose center to host activities belonging each one to heterogeneous environments. The projecthopes ofhaving the same common finality to offer answers and innovative services, characterized by a scientific, ecological and supportive approach, to the people and the local production system, as well as the cultural and social needs of the local community.

MY IDEA: “…My works on wall are characterized by two main aspects: by a side the geometric and abstract shapes, from the other some botanical elements.The synthesis of the signs is given by the meeting between the graphics and architecture;two schools I attended and thanks to which I can now introduce a fundamental subject for the understanding of the job: the ‘Archigrafia’. The nature drawn on the walls represents for me the revenge on humans-nature recovers what was it’s. The idea of this flower departs from the fact that itis able to represent itself even in adverse conditions, it isborn in the most unexpected places with very little help and this makes it a true street flower.

For the job in “Oltre Conceria” the poppy assumes a definite role.In fact, it’s the symbol of the day of memory. Symbol of the two wars;it brings the entire responsibility to remember those momentsbut it is also a sign of rebirth.

The poppy that was born whereas the bodies fell for freedom….


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