Pictures from North West Walls festival

North West Walls is a street art project on the site of the Rock Werchter music festival in Belgium. The project has been curated by Arne Quinze for three years now, a Belgian artist who began his carreer as a graffiti artist in the mid 1980s. This is a highly unusual and impressive project as Arne Quinze set the artists the challenge of painting on towers of shipping containers.

For the third edition of North West Walls, six massive talents were present: Bezt from Etam Cru (Poland), Alexandre Orion (Brasil), Low Bros (Germany), Nosego (USA), Case Ma’claim (Germany) and Deih (Spain).

The artists’ work can be admired long after the festival period is over since the it is a permanent installation – at least until the next edition!

Here are the pictures of North West Walls 2016:

For more information about the project curated byArne Quinze, check out North West Walls site:

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