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Shepherd Fairey #HonourHeroes

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World-renowned street artist, Shepherd Fairey, has launched a new digital art collaboration in partnership with Adobe that honours the workers and volunteers who are making a difference, and literally saving lives during the COVID-19 crisis.

Fairey kicked off the initiative with his ‘Guts not Glory’ piece- “Guts not Glory is an illustration of one of the many healthcare workers whose selfless acts of compassion and service are always meaningful, but at this moment are especially heroic,” Fairey commented. “I’m inspired to glorify those who don’t seek glory, but rather to serve humanity when it is most challenged. I want the portrait to emanate the comforting warmth and empathy healthcare workers provide in the midst of anxiety and crisis.”

Artists and creative luminaries from around the world – including Aaron Draplin, Donna Adi, Jessica Walsh and Ignasi Monreal – will release original works inspired by personal stories of heroic efforts of people making a difference during the COVID-19 crisis. They will also encourage the creative community to create and share their own original tributes.

Along with a $3 million commitment that Adobe made to trusted organizations providing vital assistance to communities – locally and globally – Adobe is pledging an additional $250k to Direct Relief as part of the Honor Heroes campaign.

To get involved and honour your own real-life hero and get your creative juices flowing, click here for more info and how you can participate-

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I’ve partnered with Adobe to honor today’s heroes. I’ve gone through all the emotions with this pandemic. I’ve felt sad, confused, and downright angry as family and friends became ill and NY’s hospitals were overwhelmed, all while dealing with a shortage of essential supplies. ⠀ However, in this emotional rollercoaster I’ve also felt positive emotions: mostly out of hope, admiration & respect for the frontline workers who put their lives at risk each day for our country. Many of whom haven’t had a moment to feel angry as I have, as they spend every waking moment saving others lives vs. worrying about their own. My cousin Marie is one of those people: a nurse in NYC fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines. She got ill with COVID-19 from a patient early on in the outbreak, and had to stay quarantined from her husband and children. Our family begged her to stay home, we selfishly don’t want to see her get sick again or see someone else in our family get sick. However, soon as she recovered, she went back to work at the hospital. Not because she had to, because she wants to. Everyday she puts herself and her family at risk to protect the lives of her patients. Her fearless sacrifice has left me inspired & hopeful during a time of frustration & uncertainty. ⠀ With this post, I want to take a moment so we can all honor the frontline workers like my cousin who risk their lives every day so that we can keep ours in motion. Who do you know in your life that you want to thank? Your doorman, your delivery person, your grocery store clerk, your Dr./nurse – someone in your family? I want to invite you to use your creativity to honor them. Share your creation with #HonorHeroes and tag @adobe. Let’s show the world how important they are to us.

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