Braga Last1 mural in Southern France

Street artist, Braga Last1, also known as Tom Bragado, has just finished painting an amazingly realistic and anamorphic cat mural on an old gas tank in Les Pennes Mirabeau, Southern France.

Braga Last1 is a self-taught artist from Marseille. His work is known for it’s playful undercurrent which often delights in tricking the viewer, as seen in his new work where the 3D mural of a giant sphinx cat blends seamlessly into the middle of a field.

At first sight, the background of the work appears to be a mirror image of the landscape that surrounds the piece, instead, Bragado confidently shows off his virtuoso photorealistic painting techniques. Braga uses a cartoon style that is often contrasted with elements of the urban environment, with strong hints of surrealism and trompe l’oiel realism.

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