• Colour and Culture with Manuel Gerullis

    Founder of the Meeting of Styles Festival, now a global street art phenomenon, Manuel Gerullis, enjoys street art that challenges the order of daily life. His projects aim to bring together different styles and cultures, to add colour to grey city streets. Here he tells us more about his personal impressions of the art scene around the world, his favourite artists, and the good he knows movements like Meeting of Styles can do. NAME: Manuel Gerullis OCCUPATION: Founder of Meeting of Styles Festival ( / @mos_uk) HOMETOWN: Originally Wiesbeden, Germany 1. Favourite city for street/urban art? Many cities have got

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  • Academics of Street Art with Professor Paul Gough

    Now Vice-Chancellor and Principal at Arts University Bournemouth, Professor Paul Gough is a painter, broadcaster, and writer whose work has been exhibited internationally. His research, which is globally recognised, delves into imagery of war and peace, a consistently rich topic for street artists. He is currently writing his second book on the subject of the ever-elusive Banksy. Here, Paul gives us some insight into his personal reaction to street art through the decades, his fascination with the ‘artist’ at work, and shares some rare snippets from his new book. NAME: Professor Paul Gough OCCUPATION: Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Arts University Bournemouth

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  • Street Art Inspirations with Jeffrey Deitch

    A renowned artist in his own right, the life and work of Jeffrey Deitch is immersed in the history of the ever-evolving street art scene. As co-founder of the Coney Island Art Walls project in New York, Deitch believes in the importance of giving art to the public. Here, he takes us through his inspirations, his favourite artists, and his ideas on where street art sits within the wider art world. NAME: Jeffrey Deitch OCCUPATION: Art writer | Artist | Gallery director | Co-founder of Coney Island Art Walls HOMETOWN: New York 1. Favourite city for street/urban art? New York. 2. What

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  • The Vehicle of Street Art with Doug Gillen

    A promiment name in the street art discussion is Doug Gillen, founder of Fifth Wall TV and a regular voice at The Art Society. Here Doug shares with us the core values of the street art movement that remain important to him and his work, and how they sit within the evolving modern world. NAME: Doug Gillen OCCUPATION: @theartsociety) HOMETOWN: London 1. Favourite city for street/urban art? I can’t really answer this question. Art is a vehicle to the experience you have in a city and each carries its own unique history and identity. For that I feel it unfair to

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  • Marianne Vosloo

    An Interview with Marianne Vosloo

    Curator Marianne Vosloo is one half of the team at SWG3 in Glasgow who bring the Yardworks festival to the city every year. Here she shares her wide ranging knowledge of street art, subvertising and graffiti and tells us what first inspired her to work in this field. NAME: Marianne Vosloo OCCUPATION: Independent Curator  |  Arts Programmer at SWG3 Glasgow HOMETOWN: Glasgow, originally from South Africa 1. Favourite city for street/urban art? In Europe it’s Berlin for me because it’s got absolutely everything in one city. From the former Kunsthaus Tacheles to the URBAN NATION Museum, and RAW Tempel, an area that encompasses the remains

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  • James Finucane

    The Word on the Street with James Finucane

    Founder of Desire Lines and Street Art Oslo James Finucane can often be found hunting down new work by the world’s leading street artists and working with some of the most important festivals on the scene. Here he gives us a brief introduction to the origins of his obsession and why graffiti is still one of the most relevant and accessible forms of art today. NAME: James Finucane (@james__finucane) OCCUPATION: Producer and curator, founder of Desire Lines ( / @desirelines.oslo) and Street Art Oslo ( / @street_art_oslo) HOMETOWN: Oslo, Norway 1. Favourite city for street art? Wandering around beautiful Stavanger

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