Giulio Vesprini – Cerchio G23

Giulio Vesprini’s newest wall “Cerchio G023” was painted in Bonito, (Avellino) Italy for the “Impronte 2016”, Boca Contest Project.

PROJECT:  In the small Italian town of Bonito the first edition of Impronte is currently taking place it is dedicated to street art and inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo, the famous designer and craftsman born in Bonito in 1898. 

Participating artists are: Tellas, Giulio Vesprini, Millo, Milu Correc and Gola

The idea of Impronte stems from the desire to pay homage to Salvatore Ferragamo, a designer from Bonito. It is celebrating the creativity that has marked his career and his many transversal projects which encompassed fashion, design and art. The event itself has two different parts. During the first part it is about street art and the second part is where design is the main focus.

The first part of Impronte is about the interventions by five different international artists. The artists have been chosen because of the shapes, the patents and the materials which portrayed Ferragamo’s work over the years.  All five artists have their own unique style for which they are known for…..Giulio Vesprini is known for geometries and the wise dosage of colors.

During the second part it is where design will be protagonist with an interesting exhibition. It will expose five historical shoes from Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence. The exhibition will take place in the spaces of the Convento Francescano di Bonito and exposed together with the artworks created by the artists.

HIS IDEA: The shoe that inspired him is “DIVA 1941”

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